Saturday, August 07, 2004

CARNIES! A Photo Essay (of sorts) (Please click here, I beg of you. And comment!)

"The freaks'll stay together, they're a tight old crew
You'll look at them, and they look at you
I love the ballyhoo girl but she don't care
It's hard to find love anywhere." - Mark Knopfler, Devil Baby

Yes, Gentle Viewer, they look, and what they see ain't pretty...Posted by Hello

Friday, August 06, 2004

Carnies. A Photo Essay, of sorts....


I had just gotten my camera and popped over to the fairgrounds which I thought would be a 'photo-rich environment' I was just taking photos of the equipment and learning about depth of field and no one was around so I had the run of the place. It was sort of fun seeing how the rides went together and collecting different images...(cont)Posted by Hello

YOYO Switches

Posted by Hello

Lights Posted by Hello

Light Bulb Posted by Hello

Bumper Car Lights Posted by Hello

Shoot Here Posted by Hello

YoYo Posted by Hello

No Pregnant Woman. (Sign found on the floor of the Bumper Cars) Posted by Hello


Then the carnies showed up. It was my first time taking photos of people I didn't know and I wasn't sure how to go about it. I couldn't really yell up to this guy and ask permission to get this shot...Posted by Hello

A Carousel Floor Panel

So the workers would always scurry off when I came over and snapped pictures but they didn't say much.

Greg, one of the South Africans later told me that they thought I was with the fair or OSHA and they rarely wore their hard hats so they'd run and get them when I came around... Posted by Hello

Laying the Carousel Floor Posted by Hello

Joe Posted by Hello

Eric Posted by Hello

That's a whole lotta sky up there. Posted by Hello

Artie and his Charlie Chaplin Wrench Posted by Hello

Artie having a smoke break Posted by Hello

Gondola Wheel Worker Posted by Hello

Food Concession Worker Posted by Hello

Assembling the Arctic Blast Posted by Hello

Under the Raging Rapids Posted by Hello

The Bunkhouse Posted by Hello

Sandy and Ann. Posted by Hello

Cleaning the Gondola Wheel. Posted by Hello

A call went out and everyone headed for one section of the Midway. I thought there had been a death or something, but it was the opening of the Raging Rapids. The fair workers rode it over and over, testing to make sure it was safe for you, Gentle Viewer. They loved every minute of it. Posted by Hello

The Porthole Fountain