Friday, July 24, 2009

The Thing of the Moment's WTF Is This Quiz.

What am I doing?

a) Thinking up all the brilliantly funny and witty status messages (See facial expression)

b) Sending out yet another round of 2am crazy person emails to various institutions including The White House and The World Court?

c) Watching The Office on DVD because it's all I know how to do.

d) Wondering where the second mouse button is.
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  1. EEEewwww... a fruit machine... kill it!

    And how do they survive without right clicking?

  2. d) Because having no right mouse button is just wrong!

  3. Ooo... I'd say d, but a is pretty likely too.

    Why were you using a mac?!?!

    Aaaaand, we can right click. Its just secret.

  4. Thinking how to make a smoothy, it it doesn't have a place to attach a mixer ....

  5. If you were smart, you'd choose: e) backing up photos!

  6. If we were smart he wouldn't even ask all these stupid questions :D