Sunday, September 06, 2009

A Study in Contrasts

You could SAY that they are each getting ready.
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  1. Well, that's basically the sexes take on marriage. The women get ready for the most special of moments on the most special of days, and the guys are just trying to numb the pain.

    And I just realized I'm totally throwing that picture out of whack.

  2. Give the dude a break...his beer isn't even opened. Kirlin totally faked this whole shot and now the groom is gonna pay the price.


  3. Aaron was being a good groom and NOT getting sauced before the ceremony. We told him he needed to hold a drink for the picture and the only thing we could find was a Miller Chill. Open it? He didn't even want to HOLD IT.

  4. I, too, shot a wedding this weekend where Pabst was the main beer of choice. ;)

  5. What a good groom. I never expected him to do it sober:) -The Bride