Saturday, December 12, 2009

God, I Wish My Summers Away To Be Able To Wear This Coat

Love, jkirlin, your lowly and humble outerwear fetishist.
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  1. I think I have that mirror in my vestibule*. A mirror with the same frame, not a mirror with a reflection of jkirlin in the glass. Although that would be cool, too.

    But what's this with the "to be able to wear" thing? Looks to me like you are wearing it. Know what would be REALLY cool? Combine it with the hat on the left. Now THAT would make a statement.**

    *HA! Vestibule. I'm referring to that little space inside the front door that is too small for more than one person to put their coat on at a time.

    **"I'm a goober."***

    ***No offence meant towards the owner of said hat. Goober status would only be conferred by the combination of the hat and the coat.****

    ****Of course, if the owner of the hat DOES wear it with that coat, goober status should be considered. I'm just sayin'...

  2. Patrick: Sort of makes you weak in the knees, huh?

    Dawn: I had never noticed that hat until you pointed it out so I went back down to look. It DOES make the coat!

    zb: AND MEAN! Mostly mean!

  3. That's all fine and good....but where's the SCARF??? I KNOW that last year when you bought the coat - we discussed the need for an appropriate scarf and I'm not seeing it peeking out from under the fabulous coat.

    P.S. You are smok'n hot in that coat.


  4. Good work in front of the mirror! I also tried to shoot myself ;)