Thursday, February 18, 2010

Attention My CARNIE FRIENDS!!!!

I got this letter today and am just passing it along. I've never seen the show but here is some info if any of you are interested (and eligible)

Hello Jeff,

My name is Michele and I work on the Discovery Health Channel series, I'm Pregnant and... The programs air on Tuesday nights at 9:30pm. The series has been very successful so we have been asked to gear up for a second season. We are looking to have one episode about a woman who is pregnant and is a carnie. We are currently looking to profile a woman who is giving birth ideally in March or April but can be giving birth through as late as early June.

My colleague saw your blog and it seems you have a lot of contacts in the carnie world so I wanted to reach out to you for your help. Each episode is a half hour long and is sort of split into three parts, pre-birth and backstory, the birth, and the follow up after the birth. We will financially compensate the person chosen for the program.

I'm trying to get the word out to as many people as possible. Feel free to send my email out to others. If you know anyone who is interested, they can contact me by sending an email to

Thanks so much. -- Michele Spinak

Enclosed are some phone numbers for Michelle is anyone is interested, let me know and I will send them along.

(Feel free to ignore the fact that your lowly and humble photographic servant detests shows like this and feels they are what's wrong with TV and America today. :) )

Just so you know the company you will be in your may want to check out the series website.


  1. In other words... You'll find a willing Carnie?

  2. Let's just say I'd detest it less if they were looking for middle aged photoblogging speech pathologists trying to get their blood sugar under control. That's what I'm saying.

  3. Don't they KNOW? Carnies don't have computers.

    Carnies have drugs. And dirty hands.

  4. Let's go out for pancakes and whoopie pies! :-)

  5. I do believe that Murph is trying to kill you off. Now you know why I don't have t.v. - therefore hopefully saving my kids some precious braincells.


  6. I think he can do that all by himself!

    But now that you mention it, he does have some sweet camera gear we can grab before the will would be able to be read...