Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Your lowly and humble photographic servant's Observatory.

Most images of lightning, sunrises, rainbows, unicorns, etc, I simply take without leaving my apartment. I shoot straight out between those 2 steeples. This is looking BACK at my place. Please, no shooting.

Clicken to embiggen so you can see my little texts.
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  1. The ghost in the attic who plays with the toys.

  2. What the? Who?

    I thought you'd thrown in the towel.

    You big tease, you!

  3. I was talked off the ledge. However, this photo is 3 years old. :)

  4. So I see. And I know. And the world would be not as good a place without your photos, so it's a darned good thing. (of the moment)

    I still wonder, sometimes, when you're going to post THAT picture here. You know the one. The one that taught you in which order to select the settings in Flickr. Fnarr, fnarr.

    I dares ya.

  5. Geez, close the curtains- I can see you little texts...

  6. Between two steeples and over Dave's. Was this taken from one of those big buildings near the Waterfront?

  7. Actually it was taken from the parking lot of the Brewer Hannafords

  8. How are you, jkirlin?
    Sneaky, you are (as Yoda would say)! I did some forensic mapping. I believe you photo-shopped your alleged apartment house. The steepled building on the left is the Bangor Theological Seminary. The churches in center are the Grace United Methodist Church & Hammond Street Congregational Church. The church at the right is the Union Street Brick Church. Your location is 308 Hammond Street (it looks very much like the photo in your 9/12/05 entry - same color & architectural details). Which is not at all the building shown in your photo here. All of this was done via Google Maps (Street view & satellite view). Your comment of where the photo was taken let me triangulate everything, including the infamous Thomas Hill Standpipe).

    Don't post this if I am right - just edit out critical details if you want.

    Tom W.

  9. Tom W, the The Thing of the Moment historian and archivist!! The location is 283 Union at the corner of Chatham and Union. My old white Honda with my Thule rack can be seen on Google Maps. I was surprised at the angle of things too. It is a significant crop of a significant zoom so it appears MUCH MUCH flatter than it is. :)

  10. I was close - about a block away. Is that how old (2005) the photo's are on Google Maps? The top part of the building was not painted in them - still an off red. Comparing the building on Hammond St to yours, it is obvious that the buildings in that area were built by the same builder at about the same time - any guess? Architecture interest me - I have 2 books about historical house styles. I knew that the photo deceived how hilly everything is just by how the Thomas Hill Standpipe appears. I did not think the picture could have been taken from Bangor near the river. Did you take the photo from the parking lot or the ball field next to it? It did not look like a clear view from the parking lot.

    Did you notice that Google Maps had a 3D feature from 4/1 thru 4/7? I wonder if they are going to reinstate it.

    Did you ever take a picture of your house from the Thomas Hill Standpipe on one of their open house days? Or is it too eerie due to its Stephen King 'It' association?

    I still love my Honda (Odyssey). Two years old, nothing wrong except for the upcoming brake recall. They are real work horses and fun to drive.

    Also, if you want to see aerial & street view videos of Bangor, both recent and 20 years ago, go to YouTube. Interesting stuff.

    Tom W