Friday, January 21, 2011

People at Work: The On Air Talent of Blueberry Broadcasting

Mike and Mike of Kiss 94.5

Paul and Kat of 104.7 The All New Bear.

Ric Tyler and George Hale of WVOM, The Voice of Maine.

Mike Dow, Paul DuPuis and I once rented apartments in the same building resulting in a friendship that has lasted over 20 years. They recently invited me to co-host their respective morning radio shows and while hanging around the station I accepted Ric Tyler's offer of doing another of my People at Work® series.

The flickr set can be seen here.

Best viewed as a slideshow.
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  1. I decided to post here rather than on Facebook to encourage you to continue it. lol

  2. These are just fabulous pictures! I work with these folks and after 2 years have only met a few being that I am in a different office and don't get up to Bangor. I know they all have such camaraderie, and it's so neat to see it, you have such a talent!

  3. Picture Man, we are all crazy about these photographs. Thank you for coming over to Blueberry to take these photos.