Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Masonic Hall Fire

This fire occured last year but it's been cold all night and I've been posting winter pics from this winter so I thought I'd toss these back up for my own viewing pleasure. Posted by Hello


  1. Hi
    nice photos..eerie n cold....
    wats this Masonic fire? cn u elaborate on it?

  2. Hi Yadnya,

    The Masons are an old fraternal organization in the US and other countries. Almost every city has a Masonic Hall where they meet and have their ceremonies. This Masonic Hall housed the Masons on the upper floors, and on the front street level was an art gallery and a center where children were tutored. There was a small shoe repair shop on the side street level.

    Although it was never determined for certain, it was thought that days of sub zero weather simply taxed the old furnace and heating system to much and it eventually caught fire. The days of such severly cold temperature so chilled the bricks that the water from the firehoses froze immediately on touching them even though they contained a roaring fire. In one of the other photos you can see 6 or 7 feet of manmade 'snow' that also fell to the ground.

    The structure was deemed to be so unstable, really just a hollow brick shell covered with tons of ice holding nothing but burned timbers inside and only feet from one of the busiest streets in the city, that it was to be knocked down imediately. In fact, the wrecking ball was working at the back of the building as I took these photos while the building was still burning.

    There is currently nothing at the site now except for a small empty lot. The city is trying to decide what to do with it, at this point. Many downtown merchants have come to see this empty space as brightening and making downtown seem more open. So it's not clear what will happen to the space.

    Thanks for looking and commenting.

  3. This is an amazing picture! I also really love the wild turkeys.

  4. Wow, J. This is a really, REALLY cool shot and I'm devastated that I haven't seen it til now. But on the other hand, I'm glad it was here to keep me awake (but that's not the ONLY reason it rocks) at work. Being @ work, I can't exactly sign in. But... KEY PHRASE: "elbow room". It's me.

    Did I mention how much I love this shot? Fascinating. And to think, this is ALL that remains of the scene. Wow.