Friday, January 26, 2007

Coolest Exogenous Neurotoxin EVER!

WAY cooler than Slinky or Silly Putty. It's a shame it's so poisonous because mercury is COOL!

Not as cool as Uranus, but still...

I think I remember playing with some as a kid. Which would explain a lot.


  1. How sensible of you to handle such dangerous materials only with your padded flesh-coloured gloves on.
    Safety Pup is proud of you.

  2. *whew* - I'm glad torekimi let us know those were gloves, I was worried about your little sausage fingers.

  3. Dude, jk - I remember playing with it (without the protective glass) when I was a kid, too. I thought that was just one of my fake memories, but now...

  4. Our high schoolers had the day off today 'cause of this stuff. Apparently, there was a mercury spill. Don't know the details though about how it happened.

  5. yeah, we played with it too. used to float a penny on it in a little cup. it would get on your fingers and then we'd go and eat a grill cheese sandwich. i don't remember much after that...

    nice photo.

  6. Tetrodotoxin is cool too but not as much fun to play with. I've broken more than a few dozen thermometers in my day. Maybe that's why I like your humor.