Tuesday, January 02, 2007

He Doesn't Look A Thing Like Jesus, But He Talks Like Gentleman,

Like you imagine when you were young... (The Killers, 2006)

So I'm lying in bed, unable to sleep, realizing that I have yet to post in for the New Year for you Gentle Viewers and I can't get this Killer's song out of my head. Well, that and it was playing on the bedside CD player. So I wondered how many photos of Jesus I had. When I realized how many I DID have, I said to myself, "Jesus!"
Additionally, I know what you Gentle Viewers Like. And that's Killer's Videos, Stacked photos of Our Lord Jesus Christ® looking out of frames into other frames like these 3 are 1/3 of a Brady Bunch Grid, and The Thing of the Moment references to earlier The Thing of the Moment Posts.
So without further ado as I have already adone enough giving you the first two things you like I giveth unto you THE SECOND BEST THING OF THE MOMENT POST OF 2006!

P.S. Looking back I see that without looking at (a),(b), and (c) for context it makes no sense at all. And only minimally more thereafter.

Yes, kids, don't forget that's: The Thing of the Moment - Forcing Insides Jokes on You Since 2004®

Or the more friendly: The Thing of the Moment - Where You're An Insider®


  1. Are your other gentle viewers much smarter than me....because I didn't understand ANY of this!

  2. Looking back on it this morning I'm beginning to think that maybe I could have slept after all. heh heh

  3. See Kirlin, Jesus is talking to you...I must have rubbed off some of my Catholic girl innocence on you...or at least tried to brainwash you a little bit during SPEECH...:)