Sunday, December 16, 2007

Coolest Job in the World.

Damn you to Hell, my High School Guidance Counselor. Damn you straight to Hell.
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  1. Such power huh? Is that what you want-POWER? Are you not happy in your job????

  2. So Jeff, can you please list 5 things that you enjoy doing and we will match them with a "perfect job profile".


    1. I like white things.
    2. I like falling things.
    3. I like naked pictures of, WAIT - I meant I like trucks.
    4. I like salt.

    OK perfect, let me spin the magic career wheel and see what it comes up with.

    OK, great! A speech therapist.


  3. *sigh* I used to know what snow was I get 77 degree weather in the middle of December...

    Hello again!

  4. Now, would that be driving the plow or sitting in one's apartment taking the pictures?

  5. Murph, that question is the funniest thing I read today. So which is it Kirlin?

  6. travelma: You think I wanna be Dooced? I LOVE my job. But this one is MUCH cooler.

    spk: That wasn't far off. "Well Kirlin, you seem to like to talk..." :)

    axdahl: That's easier to plow.

    murph: That *IS* funny! But plowing is definetly cooler than taking photos from your apartment. I could be the greatest photojournalist in the world if only more happened on my street.

    jenny and susana: Stop encouraging him. :)

  7. just buy a 4x4 truck and put a plow on the front of it. . . you can start your own plowing service (see simpsons episode "Mr. Plow" season 4 for details).

  8. ha ha. i saw a lady doing this today and I thought, now that's a way to promote road rage!!