Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Sun Over Manhattan

The Sun is a very large piece of coal that floats in the sky somewhere over Staten Island. It burns brightly night and day but you can't see it at night because it is covered with a large blanket to allow people to sleep.

I had to change the title because it made me thinkof that horrible 80's song by Christopher Cross. GAH.


This science fact filled post submitted to Photosharks: Fire.

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  1. Last summer I stayed extendedly (er..) with some family near Mt Desert Island, and on a friend's recommendation started a photoblog to share pictures of how pretty it is there. One day I googled "Bangor homeless shelter," or something similar (we had a bunch of clothes that needed donating), and found your site. Whoa! Another person who posts photos (almost) every day, AND in Downeast Maine no less! What a coincidence!

    Well, imagine my surprise when I soon discovered how very common photoblogging is. I'm certainly not Internet-illiterate, but this was a whole world that I just never knew existed! Until you. I hope you feel as special as you should ;P

    Anyway, I have enjoyed your site whenever I've popped in since then, and so thought it might be considerate to stop stalking you and tell you so.

    Thank you for today's science lesson. Does the sun migrate during the year or something? Just wondering why sometimes it's so much warmer down here in Texas if the sun's always floating up north..

  2. sun was created by the an underground laboratory...

  3. pictureseachday:

    1. Your friend is no friend.
    2. Oh, the hundreds who are drawn to The Thing of the Moment looking for the Bangor Area Homeless Shelter. I honk and gives them a thumbs up when I drive by. I *THINK* they give me a thumbs up back. It's hard to tell in the rearview mirror.
    3. I knew once I started it was all too common.
    4. I love when my stalkers reveal themselves though they usually do it with a rock tied to a note and thrown through my window.
    5. Texas has it's own sun which is made of charcoal and lighter fluid. That's why it's hotter. It was originally created by the German's but we took their best scientists after WWII and claimed them as our own. As far as what they do with it at night, I have no idea for I've never been to Texas at night.
    6. GREAT blog by the way. I'm very jealous of your template.

    zbjernak: And now staffed by Chinese Malaysians.