Saturday, April 11, 2009

lensbaby: neene's playground

Central Park as seen from the top of Rockefeller Center

neene has the coolest connection to the Park. There is a bench with her Dad's name on it near 84th on the east side.

Now to all your lensbaby enthusiasts who think you can just buy a lensbaby and scoot up and take the pic, you'll be SORELY disappointed because you'll need one of the wide angle adapters. WHY NOT BUY BOTH?

(You're welcome Kirsten and Sam.)
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  1. Shouldn't you get paid for all the adverts you do for Lensbaby?

  2. God, Thing is lame these days. Pull your finger out of your arse, will you?

  3. ooo.. i like this...
    dizzying effect... central park..nice