Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Requiem in Pace, Jason

In Memory of Jason Brengolini

There is, among my carny friends, a sense of family that you rarely see among such a large group of coworkers. Fictive kin are common and the loss of one reverberates as much as the loss of an immediate family member or, as often can be the case, moreso. It is a family of which I am terribly proud to be the tiniest part of.

My friend Carol contacted me and asked if I had any photos of Jason. I had seen chatter on facebook about his passing but didn't recognize his name until she told me. I looked and found that as often as I saw him (and he gently told me "I may not want to stand" where tons of steel was quickly moving into place) I didn't have THAT many photos because he was ALWAYS working his ass off. No greater tribute can a real carny have.

Jason Brengolini passed away this week of heart failure. He was 33 and leaves behind his wife, Jenn, and sons Jason (age 6) , James (age 2) and Jacob (age 1)


  1. Sorry to hear that - Prayers to his wife and young family, and all his co-workers and friends.

  2. I heard yesterday. So sorry, but glad he had such good friends. Prayers to the family and I will be in touch.

    Michael Brengolini

  3. rest in piece, i only remember you from high school,but then and now you were a wonderful man. my prayers are with your family.

  4. Jason we miss you , every summer we spent my birthday together !!!! in bangor ,, we were together many years in reno , and in mass, always in my heart , michelle , miss you everyday ,,,