Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Thing of the Moment's Second Annual Vow to Do A Summer Photo Project of Grange Halls in Maine With or Without His Good Friend TURNORAMA

Actually I think I was supposed to SEE Bill some time. Bill, did I forget or something?
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  1. What is a Grange Hall? It that one of those crazy New England things?

  2. Oh geez! Where are you from sarala - some godless state like Illinois? (I peeked at your profile).

    Granges are... something..., uh... an organization, that um... has something to do with farmers and... er, halls. And bean suppers! And Beano (or Bingo). And mostly really old people.

    Yes Jeff, I'm on this! I already have photos of about six of them. And the main Maine Grange office is just down the street from my place. I bet they'll tell us where all the granges are so we don't have to drive around looking for them. And maybe they'll give us free tickets to a bean supper!

  3. Love the grange shots especially the interior. Did you know you are within 10 miles of three great little granges when you are at your MWF gig?