Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What Do You Call Dirt Roads in Maine?

The Good Ones.

State Sen Dennis Damon suggested an 11 cent per gallon tax implemented over 4 years which would pay for all the needed road projects and people are acting like they are being robbed and THEN kicked.

My fellow idiot drivers, gas went up 11 cents last WEEK and we STILL have shitty roads and gas is still 1.50 less than it was a year ago, so STOP your WHINING and quit calling the RADIO STATION to complain. Take back some of your beer cans for the deposit or something.

(Oh yeah, we are all about the covered bridges in Maine, too.)

(And TtV)
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  1. My guess is HIGHWAYS!! It is Maine after all.

  2. You needs to be callin' 'em "dut" roads.

    As in "take a right tuhn when you come to the dut road.

  3. Joe: Canon XSi, kit lens, pointed down into a neoprene bag at the glass viewfinder of a Kodak Duaflex II.

  4. COPY CAT.... this is a swiss design