Tuesday, June 02, 2009

For Laurie Who Says I Don't Do Enough Landscapes

Clicken to Embiggen and bask in that natural beauty that is Maine as seen through the passenger side window at 60 miles per hour through the Sigma 10-20 while racing from dusty old Grange Hall to dusty old Grange Hall.

Taken someplace between Cape Rosier and Route 15 while swearing and trying to get my air conditioner working by pushing the buttons harder (it worked)
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  1. Kirlin, you were right in my back yard and didn't stop by? How soon one's forgotten when they're no longer around to be another's foil!

  2. Yay for landscapes. In fact, yay for all kinds of new photo posts. There are some great ones. Kirlin with a camera makes me happy.

  3. So beautiful clouds over a nice scenery !!!!