Thursday, June 25, 2009

Todd and His Kidnap Proof Child Who Shall Remain Unnamed.

Lest he and I incur wrath that is best left unincurred.

(That is my most favorite sentence I have ever written)

Anyway, the lovely Todd and I are in a very small group that I can't talk about for the above reasons. If you think he's not cool as hell based upon my less than cool as hell photo of him, you are SORELY mistaken, Gentle Viewer.
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  1. Why is Todd wearing your glasses?

  2. Why is he married to my ex-wife?

    He rocks!

  3. I think it's mean of you to try and make the Gentle Viewers think that you are much taller than Todd, when actually you only come up to his kneecaps.

  4. Your ex certainly likes has a "type" of man doesn't she. I love how you all get along.


  5. It's really the shirt that she likes. Especially once it's become sweat-soaked.