Friday, January 01, 2010

People at Work®: Skip Rist of The Coffee Pot (ret)

Yesterday while I was talking to him, Katherine Lausier came in to thank him and say goodbye. In tears she said the Coffee Pot was a big part of her childhood and that it isn't really about the sandwiches and she was right. Every person you talk to has a very personal relationship to this silly little sandwich shop. It's as much about the history, shared relationships and 'Coffee Pot Picnic' at Cascade park as it is the smell of the onions.

There SHOULD be more to say but there really isn't. We chatted for a couple of hours when he graciously agreed to meet me but I don't feel I can print much of it other than he noted that "Today it's really hitting me."

And us.

Thanks, Skip.

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  1. Sometimes the best is left unsaid....thanks for the great pics...Michelle T

  2. This is a great tribute and the images are first rate.

  3. A part of Bangor will leave without the Coffee Pot....such a tradition that was passed from parents to kids...

  4. Thanks for these great images of Skip!!

    The last time I got a chance to go in and get a coffee pot was this past summer (large ham super deluxe with no tomato). I got all the way up to the register and did not have cash and forgot he did not take debit cards. He told me to take the sandwiches and come back next time to pay him as he remembered me. I have to admit I did not go into his shop as much as I would have liked because of his hours and I work across town with only a half-hour lunch.

    What a wonderful man and I wish him great luck with his much-deserved retirement.

  5. Ed: Did you PAY HIM BACK? Because I know where he lives! ;)

  6. I googled The Coffee Pot a few years ago and found this blog. From here I found Flickr. I blame you and Skip for all time I spend on the computer now:)

    As a child, a trip to Bangor meant a trip to the Coffee Pot with Dad. I loved the smell of the inside of the store, but couldn't stand the sandwiches as a spleeney little kid. I too have seen him give people food "on credit" several times. I went carrying my then 2 year old grand daughter, stood her on the counter to dig out money. Skip held up his arms and she went with him out back. She came back with a piece of cheese and I said to her "I told you this place is better than Subway". Skip laughed, but I didn't get a discount on the food. Some one posted in the Bangor Daily that the only place you could find a long line in bad weather was the auditorium at tourney time. I could go on and on.

    A good example of great customer service.