Friday, January 29, 2010

The Thing of the Moment's 3rd Annual Bathroom Quiz

This is ______________________.

A. the bathroom of an apartment soon to be featured on Hoarders.

B. what happens when there is no female decorating input.

C. what the cleaning woman was able to accomplish in the time she initially estimated would take the whole apartment.
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  1. How close is the iron to the bathtube?

  2. D. Saddam Hussein's dream safe house.

    E. Osama bin Laden's next target.

  3. B.

    Hey --- I am another humble photographer in the Bangor area. Thought I'd drop by to say "Hello" .... so, "Hello"!

    Just opened my own studio downtown. Hope to meet you someday.

    Jodi Renshaw

  4. Is that a shrine to toilet paper?
    I now know why you have killer calves... balancing in that tub space!
    Why do you color the lovely tile floor with ruggage?
    This is your library/bathroom?
    What about that silver stuff hanging from the hanger by the sink?
    Clear shower curtain & window opposite. Hm.
    Nice room Mr Kirlin.

  5. all those hangers!!!!
    (love this little glimpse)

  6. I vote for C. Not a bad little room.

  7. You might want to hook up with American Pickers and get you some more old signs for the bathroom.