Monday, August 02, 2010

Mail Pr0n

It was a good day at the jkirlin mailbox today!

Custom made sailboat pillow by Cindi Merle Hillerman at cmhdesigns.
Lensbaby® Composer® from the good people at Lensbaby®.

The image of the sailboat pillow is the first photo I took with the Lensbaby Composer and the images of the Lensbaby Composer is the first photo I took with the sailboat pillow. I'll say anyting for the sake of parallel construction.

In a totally unrelated aside, I have a new favorite hat. :)
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  1. nicely displayed in the pottery-barn-looking chair

  2. Anon: I display everything in that chair.
    laanba: She will make you one and put anything you want on it. She makes them on demand. She had child laborers chained in her basement.