Sunday, July 02, 2006

Bangor Raceway, Epilogue

Here I am explaining the finer points of racetrack photography to my daughter torekimi who had unexpectedly stopped by for lunch all the way from Japan. She likes to get photo advice from the old man.
This is my domestic partner Earl, He's just staying here until he finds a place to live after a short stay in the County Lock-Up. He's quiet and is an Iron Chef on the illegal hotplate I snuck in late one night. Here he is looking at my photos I uploaded to our MY 1957 Philco TV Monitor
A exceedingly rare jkirlin self portrait. One of those mirror deals. You know the drill. Posted by Picasa


  1. have you been watching the "Twilight Zone" marathon?

  2. Yep, nothing I like better than to sit on your lap, Pops, and admire your teeth. Thanks for lunch..and the tips.

  3. don'

    it hurts too much!


  4. You is dashing, as usual. A Twilight Zone marathon? Damn! Did I pick the wrong summer to give up cable or what?

  5. Yep, caught a few episodes myself.

    Brings back fond memories of my little bros sayin, "Turn it off Jo, turn it off!".