Friday, October 12, 2007


Ok, not really.

Pretty good white balance given that this was lit with a candle, huh?
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  1. Paul said your rent on your 1-room studio was $130 a month. Bad camera shopper!

  2. Oh, those jokers at Bangor Hydro. Do they not realize that if they deprive our jkirlin of power such that he cannot post to his blog they will have hundreds, nay THOUSANDS of angry readers picketing their office demanding return of his electrical service?

    I don't think they've thought this through properly.

  3. Bob: It used to be but since he left I moved into the spacious one bedroom with the better view and it's off the street. It comes with a solarium, deck, and pool privledges. Because of the cleaning woman, laundry lady, girl who cooks for me, included hot water, HD Home Theatre system and building wide hi-fi as well as the cost of heating oil, they've had to increase my rent to $225 per month. ALMOST HALF MY INCOME, but I love my landlords and consider it worth it. I have a lifetime lease.

    wrath: They know there is an outlet in the Hall right outside my door and I have an extension cord. :)

    OKAAAAAAAAAAAY Gentle Viewers!!! GEEZ! I got an email offering me money yesterday. I pay my power bill quarterly because Bangor Hydro is one of the last places to consider online payments a 'convenience' for which they charge 2.95 per payment. I can never find my paper bill or a stamp so I poay it online but by paying the disconnection notice I'm able to save $5.90 per quarter. Which coincidentally, is what I tip the pool boy.

    Note to the Gentle vViewer offering money: You can STILL send it! :)