Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bangor's New Year's Eve Ball

Despite disparaging news account out of State, Bangor's New Year's Even Ball is NOT a beach ball wrapped in Christmas lights and trailing a long orange extension cord after it gets tossed for the roof...

That was the first year.

Now it's one of those big exercise balls wrapped in Christmas lights and trailing a long orange extension cord after it gets tossed from the roof...

One year it was tossed by Governor Baldacci who unfortunately maintained his footing.

This New Years Eve Vicious Rumor brought to you by the Indoor New Years Eve Revelers here at The Thing of the Moment.

(Besides, if Governor Baldacci were to show up again it would be out of spirits to be screaming JUMP while everyone else was counting down.)
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  1. Wow! That Bangor! What a metropolis! That drop's gotta be all of 4 stories!

    Happy New Year Kirly!

  2. It's kind of creepy how similar Bangor and Marquette are. I know we've talked about this before, but now that I see the architecture there, I'm more convinced it's like some sort of strange parallel universe or somethin'.

  3. Turnbill: 4 stories will do the job.

    Katha: There is only so much variation with brick. Did you think we built out of gossamer threads or something? :) Or did you mean you had an idiot Governor you also wanted to see plummet from the roof?

  4. You grow your brussel sprouts big in Maine.

  5. I, too, am startled by the similarities between Bangor and Marquette, particularly the inhabitants.

  6. Will there be a post of "chuckin'" the ball tomorrow? Maybe the Gov. will show and bring his Education Czar with him, then Maine could get a well deserved twofer. "YOU know what I'm sayin'!"

  7. JP: All the more festive. Even with all the street cleaning needed after.

  8. I stood in West Market Square... my camera safely in it's case... as the exercise ball was thrown from the roof (no, there were no falling governers)... as the tension on the extension cord (it wasn't orange this year) reach critical the Christmas lights were extinquished..

    Did I mention that my camera was safely in its case?

    It was freakin' cold... I let the crazy people take the pictures and video... I kept my gloves on.