Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Lensbaby Hula Girl

It's....I know....It's just been so dark....so early....hula girl....fell off the dash.....

Camera gear...so...heavy.....uninspired...*gasp*

No more elephants to save....*gasp* ....spoiled by New York....*coughcough*

f...fl....flickr..being edited...culled....exhausting....help.....

Hee hee...

This series of lame excuses brought you by your lowly and humble photographic servant who KNOWS he has only posted crap lately and KNOWS some Gentle Viewers are MORE demanding than others (AND NAME CALLING!)

Until it's back on track in a couple of weeks I *AM* cleaning up my flickr so you can go over there now without banging your head or tripping over stuff although it still need to be cleaned up a little more.

So go look at them..or to Thing Gallery if you haven't been in a while...

Or better yet..go look at the IN-CRED-UBBLE photographers and photographees on the constantly updating blogroll.

Tell them Slim sent ya, just to confuse them.
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  1. We don't need you to post crap in order to call you names! :-)

    Tell 'em Magic Slim sent ya, just to cause even more confusion.

  2. That's why you should never travel Kirly! Maybe you can save a cat or a squirrel?

  3. I swear to God if you don't post something else today I'm going to come there and beat you with that useless camera of yours!!

  4. Just because you have gotten a life doesn't mean you're not still obligated to post stuff for those of us who haven't, y'know.