Sunday, December 07, 2008

jkirlin, hand model, BlackBerry Spokesmodel.

I know I was supposed to bring the economy to its knees by not shopping any more but I didn't have a Smart Phone yet. Now that I do, the World Economy is further screwed. Sell your stocks on the Asian markets tonight kiddos because it's going to be rat bastard ugly in the morning! You can have your iPhones and yer Touch Screens but I wanted a challenge. I wanted keys the size of commas and look at those fingers! I hit 7 keys at a time. And the damned thing STILL works. This was a little birthday present to myself. How old am I? Old enough so that below is the last phone I bought as a birthday present for myself.

Posted for Moody Monday: Old and Decrepit.

And Happy 66th birthday to Moody Monday Founder, Greg Tee!
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  1. If you must post photos of your own body parts... I think I'd rather see photos of your calves than your hands!

    I should probably wait another half hour so that this will actually get a timestamp on your birthday. Anyway, hope you have a Happy Birthday!

  2. Oh... Can you upload from your camera to your blackberry? Does that mean you can post to your blog from purt near anywhere now? Now you MUST update regularly so we can make all kinds of nice, friendly comments. Please do it while you're driving! :-)

    (I really shouldn't give him any ideas...)

  3. Aww...Happy Birthday on Monday old man. Still love the little "sausage" fingers.

  4. Happy birthday you! I agree with the above. You can never post too many calf pictures.

  5. Murph lurves my calves or really hates the rest...Hmmmm...

    Murph: I got the Polaroid Model of the BlackBerry. It spits it right out the top.

    Anon1: You 'KNOW' the little sausange fingers??

    Anon2: jjealous!

    kalani: You should see my memebers only Calf Site. Flexed Hawtness.

    Wrath: Yes! I like GIRLY things! Is that so wrong??

  6. Love the phone. I want one. The old one with the Tu-prefix not the Blackberry.