Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Thing of the Moment's New Guide to Backing Up Your Data®.

Back up your data at LEAST as thoroughly as you back up your eyeglass frames.

I'd like to appear sort of normal and tell you this was taken at my local Pearle Vision or Lenscrafter, but no, it was taken right on the kitchen counter.

I'm hoarding these because they have been discontinued and they are going to be the glasses I die in.

"They will be out of style by then!" You say.

"I hope SO!" I answer back.
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  1. Seems like a plan to me. I HATE shopping for new glasses.

  2. I'm SWOONING over this post, I love it!!

  3. Thank GOD I am not the only one who does this! I also do it with sunglasses, by the way...

  4. I hear that Sarah Palin does this too. Am I correct to assume that this is where similarities between you two stop? (Except you both live in a barren, frozen, tundra-like wasteland where it won't stop snowing?)

  5. Have these frames been in style since you were born?

  6. If I had only horded my black beauties. Broke a pair, lost the replacements, discontinued. Doh!

    Been nursing repaired frames and I emphatically impress the weight of responsibility upon my optometrist that replacing the lenses entails. Getting them replaced again in a week.

    It's been 12 years of this.