Friday, January 16, 2009

This is How -22 Looks from The Thing of the Moment ApartmentCam®

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Lotta Smokey Chimneys
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  1. Are you living in some kind of resort now? Has all the advertising revenue you've made off this site allowed you to move to some mysterious land?

    (is this a pano? stitched? what's the story?)

  2. You have the most amazingly scenic ApartmentCam Jeff!

  3. That is so cool especially in the large size where you can see all the smoke stacks in the back.

  4. Ooh - nice one Kirly! I was driving into Lewiston that morning (only -18F down there) and saw a very similar sight just as the sun was rising, but was too much of a wimp to stop, get out of my (barely) warm car and take a photo.

  5. Great pic! I'll bet you just wanted to run right out and make a snow angel...

  6. ...with that special yellow snow tool, too!

    Seriously, though, can whatever he would make in the snow possibly be called an 'angel'?! :-)