Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Wasp on the Windowsill

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  1. Excellent shot! May I ask what camera you used to take this picture?

    Caracas, Venezuela

  2. May I ask whose site you stole this picture from? ;)
    Dang Kirlin... this is like... in focus and everything. I'd have to say this is actually quite good.

  3. excellent macro - either this wasp is a foot long or you've got a very good macro lens - I can't believe how close you've got!

  4. fantastic, crisp with beautiful shadow

  5.'s confession time. I've already told this to the esteemed entymologist Daniel from Caracas.

    This wasp was inside my apartment trying to fly back out through the window. It would do it for a while then hang on the windowsill and rest before trying it again.

    I used the Nikon Coolpix 4600 which has a sweet macro focal length of 3 cm. My Kodak DX6490 can only macro focus to 12cm.
    Then I cropped it a little to make it appear even closer.

    To get the shots, I simply held the camera out away from me as far as I could, then I went running, screaming like a little girl after each shot.

    I took about a dozen before opening the window and letting it out. It seemed like a fair trade.

  6. Stunning! What an amazing shot. Is it a leather-jacket, is that what they call them? Anyway, that's one extreme close-up. ;-)

  7. Zowie! I'm just having images of a very pissed yellowjacket taking off after the photographer...

  8. alexandra: YELLOW jacket. :)

    billy: You clearly missed the part about running and screaming like a little girl. Heh heh

  9. yeah, b.s. kirlin that thing's c.g.i.

    nice ray-tracing on the abdomen lighting, tho. not quite as good as your moth, but still.

  10. Oh Wow!!! This is such a great shot!
    Loved the story about taking the shot :D
    Thought about saving money for this camera myself. Good to see how great it works.

  11. Awesome shot, even if it was cropped. Focusing like this is a bitch! Are you sure this is an insect? It looks like that flying car I keep asking Santa for.

  12. Great, great submission, Jeff, for a year later :)