Monday, July 25, 2005

Some Rare jkirlin Wedding Photos.

little guest

A friend of mine graciously asked me to take photos for her at her outdoor wedding reception. It was a great location, wonderful time, and lighting nightmare. As you can see it was outdoors and natural lighting ranged from brilliant sunshine and deep shadows to dusk.

If any of you take many photos and you want to post them temporarily for people to see and or download them, who do you use?

I am a Premium Member at Webshots which means I am a MORON because Webshots is run by a bunch of rotary phone jihadists who charge you 24 cents for 1 4x6 print when a place that they never heard of (WalMart) will do it for 12 cents (19 if you need them in an hour) and they look great. Even mine.

Webshots is not letting me upload any photos this evening but if I want to download a stupid gauzy overly processed stock photo of a frigging Panda or a Parrot I suppose it works fine. WHO USES THIS THING? What a bunch of Polyester Pant Wearers they are! (As I am by association)

Anyway, let me know so I can stop sending hourly emails to Webshots Customer Service telling them how much crack *I* must be smoking for STILL using their stupid service.

PostScript: A happy ending, Gentle Viewers! Frequent Gentle Viewer, Photographer, Zen Master, Insomniac, and Creator of Ideas which I Inevitably Steal and Make My Own, TheShadeReplied suggested I quit crying and pushing evil Big Box stores down your Gentle Viewer Gullets and go to Kodak Galleries (Formerly OFOTO) which worked so well that I think it must be a trick.

If any of you have any questions about ANYTHING...EVER...send your desperate inquiries to him. As I shall from now on.

POSTPostScript: Ok, maaaaaaaaaybe Webshots was having technical difficulties. MAYBE.Posted by Picasa


  1. Rotary phone jihadists?

  2. Nice diatribe, but you forgot to insult their mothers; it's details like this that sets the true ranter apart from the whiner. I did like the rotary phone jihadist comment for it's originality and Daliesque surrealism.

    I was confused however by your WalMart comments. Threatening evil with more evil is never a solution, even if they're inexpensive.

    I read a review recently that recommended Kodak's OFOTO gallery. Also, I have used the Yahoo gallery before and found them cheesey, easy, functional, and free.

  3. regarding the PostScript:
    You've apparently obtained a copy of my reusme and now I would be a heel if I didn't admit that it's full of lies. Sorry for misleading you.

  4. For the sake of total is my emailed response to Shade.

    heh heh heh...bastards. I never even considered the horrible prospect that they may actually HAVE mothers. I checked out OFOTO, thanks. I may use that. It would complete my conversion to the dark side that IS Kodak. As you know, I use one of their Brownies as my primary camera. As far as Walmart goes. I looooove the Big Box. Their predatory pricing has driven out the Mom and Pops that have been screwing me and giggling about it for years. Christ, I'd pay MORE for that. But they charge me LESS! How cool is THAT? Besides, I was only threatening incompetent with evil, not evil against evil. I had little Yahoo Photos account once, too, but it had a certain Men's Roomy feel to it not unlike their chatrooms which is what initally led me to Webshots.

    Thanks for the mention along with your self portrait. I was honored AND touched.