Sunday, February 18, 2007

Because I Have a Camera

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  1. at least it wasn't "Because I'm gay."

    (not that there's anything wrong with that)

  2. Dear jkirlin,

    What kinda lens are you using? Can you recommend a Canon SLR comprable item?

    Gentle Viewer Todd

  3. spk: No, nothing at all!

    todd: Funny you should ask. I've been boring my friend swith talk of different lenses. The 18-55m canon kit lens is amazingly good. I took these photos with it. I also really like the canon 50/1.8 because it's cheap (70 bucks) and BEAUTIFUL. Then I bought a Sigma 70-300 DG for 130 and really like it but should have sprung 60 more bucks, not for the APO, but for the fake canon red ring. I've also just picked up a Tamron 28-80 (for under 50 bucks) and a Sigma 28-200 (around 200) because now I'm out of control. I SHOULD have probably bought the Sigma 18-300 (320 bucks) and welded it to the front of my camera. You can see the info on these lenses in the masturbatory 'Equipment list' link on the sidebar.

    fat man: That, too. Actually they are little CD envelopes. They didn't have white when I went to buy them. I swear to God.

  4. Some day, you're gonna send it on Macrothing.... Hheheheh! I know it! :))))

  5. lots of filing to do?? tax time sneak up on you, you kept sayin I'll file it tomorrow.... now you have a file of receipts and all those empty files......... I know what you are doing this vacation... Ha ha ha ha not me, i rippin down the slopes with my children!!

  6. OK, I thought these were toothpicks (the multi-color kind). My mistake. Love the colors, and detail and focus are quite nice!

  7. OK! I understand now! It's a contest between you, Tore and Leggy! Mwhahahahahha! :)