Monday, February 12, 2007

I'm IT!

I found the city health department attached one of these to my apartment door this weekend.

One word: 'norovirus'.

You can have your little eboooooooolas, and your little anthraaaaaaaaxs, but I survived (barely) the dreaded norovirus with it's sharp teeth and long fangs! Rar!

Posted for Moody Monday: Toxic.

Note to coworkers: I'll be back to work tomorrow but NO LICKING ME! (for 2 weeks anyway)
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  1. Did you crop out "contamin / fe / wa"? HAHAHA Or was that middle word "medi"? I'm not sure.

    Anyway, joy. I just had a lovely spat of similar pleasures and missed work, so I have sincere sympathy for you. Glad you conquered.

  2. TOADY JOE!!!

    Yeah, I forgot I had a Gentle Viewing NURSE!! It was MEDI!!!! We speech pathologists aren't as up on etiologies as you nurses. We only deal with symptoms.

    "Do not vomit lying on your back, lest you aspiriate." - jkirlin, m.a.ccc-slp.

    Hehheh, however after reading up more on the 'norovirus' I was thinking to myself, why the hell am I telling people I HAVE that?? I thought it sounded all cool and cruise shippy. Then my Doc said, "Oh, it's no different than your NORMAL INTAKE(bold and italics mine) of that sort of thing (euphemism mine), just that it had the norovirus in it. Grrreeeat. Yeah, that makes me want to go back on food.

    Then when I saw it said DIRECT contact with that sort of thing (permanent euphemism mine) I thought (ready torekimi?) NO ONE TOLD ME IT WAS SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED.

    laughing it up from my sick bed in quarantine,

    the aforementioned, jkirlin, m.a. ccc-slp.

  3. You slay you.

    You done now? Because I can't hear it again. Really not.

  4. I'm one "norovirus" away from my goal weight. Did you get to your goal weight this weekend?

  5. Ummm...does this mean I don't want my camera back?
    No offense, but maybe it's a good thing there are some Great Lakes and Ontario between here and Maine.
    Hope you're doing better!

  6. My Brother you have to stop going to those "seedy" parts of Bangor. You don't have to pay for it. You are a decent looking guy. :) Get well!

  7. HAHA Calvin... good one.

    Miss ya, J. Be well, already!!!

  8. Well, damn. You just sent me on a very educational tour of Wikipedia on gastrointestinal viruses. You lucky boy.