Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Best Buy - Best.Service.Ever!

This post is ONLY to contrast the service received at Bangor Photo, our local Mom and Pop photo joint, and the evil Big Box joint.

Evil Big Box Joint rules! And not just because did what they said they were going to do in less time than the reasonable amount of time they said it would take. But because on a Saturday when the store was FULL of people in line behind me, they stopped what they were doing and listened to my issue, took down the info, and sent my camera out. Then when I went to pick it up. They just handed it to me.

They didn't act like I was bothering them for asking for assistance or STUPID for ummm...requiring the camera to NEED service (which I was).

Viva la Big Box store!
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  1. Oh, do I see a libel suit coming against the local blogger???!!!!

    F them. Give you good service and you write good things!

  2. Your experience and mine in total reverse - and it's not just once or twice for me.