Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Versatile Rubber Band

Behold the many uses of this simple item... (top image submitted to Macroday: Curves)(scroll to the bottom for the punchline, you non scrolling scrollers)

It makes a colorful seasonal centerpiece and low fat snack...

It can restore of cover of your aged rubber band ball...

It can convert all your lenses to Canon's L Series Lenses.

Visit The Thing of the Moment Store for your very own
Canon L Series Conversion Kit.

$299.99 with FREE shipping if ordered within the next hour.

Act now!
Maine residents add 5% sales tax.
Each kit converts up to 5 Lenses.
Camera and lenses shown not included.


  1. *sigh* you crack me up sometimes. Nice macro.

  2. Ahhhh Kirrrlin you must get it right, it is not a RUBBER BAND...its a GUMBAND! Ok so its an Western PA thing, check it out...Many Pennsylvanians are only a generation or two removed from German-speaking homes. Naturally, the English spoken in Pennsylvania would feature words borrowed directly from German. Gum band, the western Pennsylvanian equivalent for rubber band, is derived from German Gummiband, "rubber band."
    FACE! (to all those who laughed at me...i am not a freakin weirdo)