Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Greatest Photo Credit Evar.

Thaaaat's right. You can have your AP, your Getty Images, your Corbis, but when you need photos of the American Folk Festival, you turn to The Thing of the Moment.

Last year I called the American Folk Festival office to see if they wanted a volunteer photographer, I wanted to help out but didn't feel like carrying ice and water all weekend, and somehow just ended up asking for press credentials instead. I was put through to the LOVELY and TALENTED (an occasional Gentle Viewer) Heather McCarthy who wanted to know what press I was with. So I mumbled a little and said I had this little website...the Thing of the Moment. And she said. "Oh, I KNOW THAT!" There was a pause as I waited for the dialtone. Which never came! As a lark, she gave me a media pass.

So when she wrote several weeks ago and said in effect "Time to pay up camera boy, we need some photos for our annual report." I was more than happy to oblige. (Because, after all, this is an American Folk Festival THIS YEAR, also.) and just asked if I could get a copy of the report and found this DELIGHTFUL little credit on these images and a few others.

I'm quite fond of The American Folk Festival and look forward to doing more with them in the future. (Given that it's one of the few local projects I haven't burned bridges with yet.)

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  1. Like I said last summer, burning that bridge can be arranged! :-) This year's credentials might just get lost in the shuffle! :-)

    Erm... Just ignore me... I never said that...

  2. Pay no attention to the Murph behind the curtain.

    He cannot give you a heart... um...brain...um...ticket home.

    Bridge status: not yet burned.
    Credentials status: top of my list.

  3. J:
    email me your addy and I'll snailmail you a completed flyer for future inclusion.

  4. I've burned my bridges, but I'm waiting for Bangor's 'Big Dig' so I can get back.

  5. You have some really nice photos here.

    Except the Paul Bunyan statue always bemuses me. Everyone knows he was from Minnesota.

    The blue ox, however, was a Bangor favorite son, some say closely related to the Baldacci family.