Thursday, March 20, 2008

That Is One Dude Who Does His Mother Proud

Look how he obeys that sign and watches for turning traffic!

The last laugh was his as moments later I was struck down and killed by turning vehicles after taking this, my last photo ever.


  1. So, how long after you took it did you actually notice the signs and the dude? :-)

  2. This isn't a picture of him. You can't fool us...

  3. what dude?

    thank you for being there for me. thank you.

  4. Hey Kirly,

    Looks like you left the bat cave in Bangor and traveled to Boston! That wasn't so bad was it?

  5. murph: MONTHS!

    wrath: Is so! Like my handbag? I used my really wide angle lens. Ask SPK.

    spk: Hee!

    turnbill: That was YEARS ago, back when I was a younger man and before the villagers rolled the stone over the entrance.

  6. Hey, I don't recall signing a photo release.

    At least you got my good side.