Wednesday, March 05, 2008

That Crazy, Bad Ass, Useless Sun

As Seen in Winterport, Maine through the Sigma 10-20 Held out my sunroof.

A habit I shall NOT be getting into because the Rebel XTi and that lens isn't famous for its aerodynamic nature. I thought I had broken my wrist and now totally understand how Benizir Bhutto MAY have been killed pulling her head back in through the sunroof.

Speed: 35mph. Temp: 15 degrees F.

I love that Sigma 10-20 but I'll never figure out how it meters.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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  1. This is how you're telling peoiple you hurt your wrist? Suuuuurrrrreee.

  2. Hey, the sun was actually WARM this afternoon. First time in quite a while we've had decent temp AND sunlight! Felt wonderful! I ran errands and went to work in just a t-shirt (well, otherwise fully clothed). Jacket's with me, though, since it'll be a lot cooler at midnight when it's time to leave work.

  3. Hey Murph, I love your MagicTones