Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hang Around Anyplace Long Enough And Eventually They'll Take You In

The Fiesta Shows 2008 Carnie Badge.

Oh yeah.

I wanted 'your lowly and humble photographic servant' but they said it was too long

and stupid.

With this I get free admission to the fairgrounds. But no, I can't get you free rides.

They take it away for things like that. So stop asking!

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  1. I can tell by your expression that this is indeed the highlight of your summer...? ermm life?

    I'm loving the photos!

  2. Ali: Yeah, I think you aren't supposed to be so delighted on your Carnie ID Badge. But I'm pretty certain most speech pathologists would be.

  3. "Maybe if we give him a badge, he'll finally stop pestering us."

  4. Why do people always stand on a box to take your photo?

  5. abhi: EXactly

    anon: They don't. I'm little.

  6. What? Not even the Tilt-a-Whirl?

    I am shocked. SHOCKED, I tell you.

    But nice photo. Ya gotta love a guy that takes that much joy in life.

    Nice rainbow lanyard, too.

  7. First the Carnies, next the world!

  8. It looks like the Folk Festival credentials have been outdone! What am I going to have to come up with to top this -- a platinum pass with some bling?

  9. Wrath: I love it to look at but when I'm on it I call it the Tilt-a-Puke. They won't let me near it.

    laanba: The world came first, actually.

    heather: Would the platinum pass come with a golf cart license??

  10. So, if I go over to the Fair with my handy, dandy "professional photographer" business card (suggested by you so that I might be taken seriously as a photographer).. I can get one of those, too?

  11. Ah. I can do the spin-me-silly rides. Tilt-a-Whirl, Octopus, etc., love 'em! I don't like the ones where you feel like you're going to slide out of the seat backwards.

    Or people who rock the seat on the ferris wheel. Grrrrr....

  12. Just stopped by to say hi and catch up. Guess you got your share of sun the last little while. Pictures are pretty awesome. My show id still says 2003 but it still works and DOES come with golf cart privileges on occasion. I think I'm taking a bike this year if I can keep the neighborhood kids from stealing it, I don't know.