Monday, July 28, 2008

The Thing of the Moment's Cool Guy O' The Day

So I'm driving in the fairgrounds to collect another 10 Billion images for you Can't-Get-Enough-Of-Those-Carnie-Pics-Especially-Your-Brilliant-TtV Gentle Viewers and you normally just drive past the gate guy because they take the money inside and Jim, THIS gate guy says to me, 'I know you!' so I stop and ask how we know each other because I don't recognize him.

Which COULD mean I'd known him for years and simply hadn't seen him in the past 20 mins because of my increasingly poor memory.

Anyway, this sweet, gentle soul says: "No, I know you from your blog. I've seen it."

He had to butter my head to make it fit back in the car.
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  1. I guess it pays to put your own mug on your blog every once in a while.

    And, it's gotta be said, so I might as well say it while I'm here... (you knew someone would... and probably expected it to be me!)

    Where could you possibly find enough butter?

    The next TTotM blog entry will be to report on Bangor being bereft of butter because a big-beaned blogger bought buckets of the stuff! :-) With accompanying photo (or photos) of empty Shaw's, Hannaford and IGA refrigerator displays.

  2. As opposed to the more frequent buttering of your gut

  3. Murph: Hee...

    Anon: You misspelled 'butt'.

  4. I thought buttered biscuits was a Southern dish.