Friday, August 22, 2008

The 2008 American Folk Festival
August 22, 23, 24!
On the Bangor Waterfront!

Greatest Credential Evar!

And THIS is why Heather McCarthy is my favorite American Folk Festival Executive Director! Well that and she allows me into her office to chat a little about the Folk Festival instead of sliding it out to me under the locked door like anyone else would.

As you can see, they've begun the site preparation. Here in this image you can clearly see the gravel pad being prepared for the Heritage Stage.


All Folk Festival sets can be found here for your gentle viewing pleasure.

Also expect to see the photographic talents of:

Mike Murphy!

Justin Russell!

Matt Hamann!

The Bangor Daily News!

Radio coverage provided by

Maine Public Radio and MPBN webmaster Dan Lambert (Who very nicely added a flickr badge linking to your lowly and humble photographic servant)

and WERU Community Radio

The Official American Folk Festival Website

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  1. Huh? Wha? Did I hear my...

    OH CRAP. The AFF's in, like, a week in a half. Yeah, um, I gotta go, um, prepare.

  2. Novilla and I will be looking for you at the AFF! Rememba' me... show department @ Target?

  3. That's ***WAY*** better than a picture ID! I like it!

  4. Hey, I gots credentials, too!

    I think they give them to just anyone hanging about..

    *hides from Heather*

  5. Hey! When did I become the bad guy?

    To clarify -- Credentials are given to Festival Sponsors (Justin), crucial volunteers (jenny_whyme and murph), and people who have the potential to make me look good (JKirlin). (You got that Kirlin? no more "bad toupee in the wind" pictures.)

    Carry on.

  6. Very subtle, JK. Very subtle.

    Wishing you beautiful weather for your folk festival. Ours was a sodden affair. Torrential, even.

    I'm going to go cry now.

  7. Lowly.. yes.

    Humble, not so much.

  8. justin: Do what I did, break your camera!

    mainemom: Now everyone knows where to find me.

    murph: Much more attractive. Especially if it's held in front of my face.

    jenny: You were the one who made me think they were all cool when you didn't hit me for walking too close to the stages.

    heather: Got it. And no jokes about how you broke my camera.

    wrath: S'gonna be nice!

    judy: humble..lower case.