Saturday, August 23, 2008

Kid Curry and friend at the American Folk Festival

I'm not much of a Blog FanBoy and it barely registers with me that there are other blogs besides The Thing of the Moment, I"m sure many of you feel the same way and are saying right now, 'There are other blogs besides The Thing of the Moment'? Well, no, I was joking, there isn't. But there USED to be.

Above we have a blogger who I never realized was local and went by the name Kid Curry. He had what had to be the premier wrestling blog anywhere. Ever. And no wrestling fan, I, he did have one thing that this blog will never have. Total and complete sincerity and focus. It sounds silly to call a wrestling blog charming but his interest, enthusiasm, focus and drive is what inspired me on some of my other more focused pursuits like 'The Carnies' and 'The People at Work' series.

Then he just quit. He decided he had done what he had to and it was over. Again, very unlike The Thing of the Moment, the blog that never ends. He recently recognized a location and left me a comment, indicating that he was still alive! So he said he'd look me up if he was at the Folk Festival. And he DID!
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