Saturday, August 09, 2008

What Do Our Hearts Treasure?

That's right. It's a stool from the Coffee Pot. That's all I'm saying.


  1. Ladies and Gentlemen - what time is it?

    Stool Time!

    Starring Jeff "The Stool Man" Kirlin!

    < rabid applause >

  2. My 2 favorite punchlines from stool jokes:

    1: "It's a Daktari Stool!"


    2: "Mind if I push in your stool?"

  3. You stole a stool from the Coffee Pot?

    But, more importantly.. did you enjoy a nice sandwich?

  4. Now I bet your home has a constant smell of a coffee pot. Oh Yummy!

  5. wrath: totally!

    jenny: Stole? You think I wanna get banned???

    samantha: Yes, but not from the stool.

  6. Jeff, how did you pull that off! I used to eat there everyday was I was working as a land surveyor in the area 20 years ago. I stopped by a couple of months ago and the same guy is there and he looks EXACTLY the same. I'm too shy, but someday you've got to do a photo essay on the place.