Monday, August 04, 2008

The Carnies 2008: Tear Down

This tear down shoot marks the conclusion of the The Carnies 2008 shoot. They go from Bangor to Skowhegan, and then back to New Hampshire and Massachusetts for several more months. I take a year to proceess and recover and you, Gentle Viewers might be spared more of The Carnies posts.

Unless you view The Thing of the Moment: flickr. I found recently that a big share of my Gentle Viewers are the Carnies themselves and they gleefully told me of RAMPANT and FLAGRANT copyright violation where photos were lifted and saved to MySpace and the like. I was delighted and honored, and of course, humbled. that end and by their request, I'll be posting past seasons and more shots from this season to the flickr Carnies sets.
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  1. I really feel like I see a difference in the ones you did this year and the ones past year. Really good stuff this year.