Sunday, November 23, 2008


An organization I can be proud to belong to.
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  1. You're so going to wear this round your neck at next year's folk festival

  2. Now all you need is the backpack and neckstrap like mine. Then you can pretend to work for NG. But I try to cover up the NG logo, 'cause I don't WANT people asking me a bunch of stupid questions. Kind of hard to do that, though, with the backpack's raincover -- it has a HUGE National Geographic logo on it.

  3. Doohickie: DO! People will be proud to know you!

    Anon: My photo will be in the little yallow box.

    kathe: I didn't say I bought trinkets from the gift shop. I'm a MEMBER of the ORGANIZATION! ;)

  4. Make the neckstrap nice and tight