Saturday, November 08, 2008

Paddy Murphy's and Why I'm a lowly and humble photographic servant

I'm embarrassed to admit this but your lowly and humble photographic servant is on Facebook. I used to mock people when I heard they were on it by asking if it was leftover from their middle school days. But I really like it. My friends consist of Carnies, bloggers, photographers, teachers, nurses, and the like. It's sort of funny seeing all these worlds come together in one place. But this is off track already.

Tonight I see that my friend Susan Bryand is friends or a fan with Paddy Murphy's, a local Irish-ish Pub, but it wasn't Susan I noticed first, it was their icon made with a photo I took!

Wooo! Go me!

I was out one night back before I found I had free pr0n on my cable package for some reason and cared enough about photography to go out at night.

One of the guys came out and asked what I was doing as if it wasn't OBVIOUS, ok, maybe he asked WHY I was doing it, anyway, I dropped John Dobbs the owner a note, letting him know that his employees had his back and either sent him a copy or links to the photo or something.

John seems cool, a little stiff perhaps, maybe humorless, but cool. There is a little library room upstairs that he let me use for a photo shoot of Heather McCarthy once (Not that you can tell where we are.) and said would again another time when I asked but for moral and ethical reasons that second shoot fell through... I'm off the damned track again!

Above is the original version of the shot, I confirmed it by finding a cigarette but on a crack in both photos. Because, you know, you can only be watching the free cable pr0n for so long when you have to obsess on something else.

My SUGGESTED photo if he had asked for one would have been THIS cool black and white, PARTICULARY because the lettering on that sign was some sort of vinyl or something and has since curled up and peeled off and is barely legible.

So why am I not throwing a "Bangor Metro Ripped Me Off" hissy fit like that time they got a photo from me under false pretenses to use in an advertisement for the Lucerne Inn?

Because I eat there sometimes and sometimes they recognize me. Yeah, you know what I'm saying.

And also, I may have casually told John he could use any of my images any way he liked.

It's a damned good thing your lowly and humble photographic servant has a day job to keep the lights on. BUT I WOULD HAPPILY ACCEPT A SANDWICH!

*UPDATE* hey! They glued the letters down or got newletters or a new sign or somethingbecause it looks normal again. Just like in this photo! Well, and in color like real life. Now. Not all black and white like real life was years ago.

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  1. If you flickr'd it, he may have rights under creative commons to use your photo.

    Oh, wait - I have no idea what they hell that even means.

    How's the corn beef?

  2. What's this facebook thing and how do I get one?

  3. Do they have a Free Beer Tomorrow sign?

  4. Yeah, well, we still know whats NOT on the menu, huh?