Monday, November 10, 2008

I Always Take The Chopsticks

Even though I use the plastic knife and fork after I get it home.

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  1. So, do the chopsticks confuse you? Might've made a nice dual post for Moody Monday's confused theme, as well. I gotta wonder, like you and others, about the dead animal dump they're apparently trying to avoid in the median of I-95. Who knew it was a problem!? :-)

  2. ... npr this morning: The Earth is home to 60 trees per person. Chopsticks are eating up millions of trees. Yes, it's true. Stop taking the sticks it ya aren't going to USE them. ;)

  3. Ali! I HEARD that. When they said there are 400 billionish trees on the planet. And I'm like...wait..and we are gving a 700 billion dollar bailout. THAT drove it home.