Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Chickadees by Sue Heinonen

Many Gentle Viewers after seeing some of my best photographic works ask "Jesus, jkirlin, do you know ANYTHING about art?"

To which I reply: "Art? Huh? Wha?"

HOWEVER, I do own one thing that I consider 'aht, deah.' and this is a detail from that. Sue Heinonen once hired me to be the stock boy at a little candle shop in a mall I used to hang out in, in addition to giving me a buck or so and hour to change water tanks she shaped the very pliable and suggestable jkirlin into the person he is today. She probably KNEW this was possible and better her than other kids hanging out at the mall.

Besides a mentor, she was, and is, an AMAZING artist. This detailis from a pencil work she did one year for my Mom who demanded I take it back when she passed away and, well, now I have it.

Submitted for Macroday: Illustration
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