Wednesday, March 04, 2009

This Is The Cutest Bill I Will Ever Pay

I recently changed dentists from my old mean dentist who used to recommend new services every time I called (WITHOUT SEEING ME IN THE INTERIM) to a new dentist whose name and number I found years ago on a pen that had belonged to my ex-wife that read 'We cater to cowards.'

So after my appointment for the cleaning where I asked many of you what this odd 'floss' was that everyone talked about I get this tiny little bill in the mail.

That had my name TYPED on the top..not printed on a printer... but tappitytappitytapptiytapDING typed

AND my totals written in by HAND.

THIS is the sort of service that makes me wish I had more than one tooth left!
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  1. They treated you for TB? Dude, I don't think dentists are qualified to treat infectious respiratory diseases...

    Also, have you checked to see how the drill is powered? Small hamsters. Word.

    Who do you think did all that typing?

  2. Come on, you just wanted your address published in the hopes a young, attractive, nubile person of the female persuasion would seek out the lowly and humble photographic servant in person.

    You can fool most of the people some of the time and some of ... or whatever.