Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What Do Our Hearts Treasure?

A Venus Paradise 114 Poppy Red 3 Colored Pencil

How do I know this? Linda Herbert Walker Dinsmore, the teacher across the hall, was mentioning that kids were fighting over this red pencil and not wanting to use seemingly fine Crayola or Scholastic colored pencils. They liked the color better and said it filled in easier when they were trying to color.

So I thought I'd just Google it and find the company and we could order more or something.

The only Venus Paradise pencils I could find were 55 dollars for a box of 12 for sale as vintage from the late 1950s.

Kids KNOW quality!
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  1. Did you steal these colored pencils from the kids?!?!

  2. Yep. He did. They're on Ebay now. 50 dollars for a box of 12 (slightly used)

  3. This pencil is on my birthday wish list.. hear me G???

  4. It's just cruel to tell us these are the Best Colored Pencils in the World, and then tell us we can't have them. Really.

  5. I realize this post is old, but thought Id pass along some info about Colored pencils. Yes Venus pencils are no longer, but Prismacolor Premier pencils are just like them. They are available as open stock, boxes of 12 of one color, as well as collections. Open stock is usually $1 to $1.50 a pencil, but large chain stores like Michaels and AC Moore have them on sale every now and then. Try Amazon if buying quantity. These pencils are heavy soft lead, very saturated color, pencils. Teat yourself! Check out their website too.