Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Lensbaby 0.42x Super Wide Angle Lens Review!

As one or two Gentle Viewers may have noticed. I sort of have this thing with Lensbaby.

Lensbaby's latest addition to their line of accessories is the Lensbaby .042x Super Wide Angle Lens.

This lens is great at 21mm for indoor shooting, close ups, AND for we smaller sensor folks. The Lensbaby's native 50mm is a bit close for some of the shooting I do so I kept the Lensbaby 0.6 Wide Angle lens attached by default. But THIS new lens really gives great coverage and closer to the Full Frame users Lensbaby experience. The sweet spot of sharp focus is smaller with this lens also.

Here is the worm in the apple and it's no fault of Lensbaby, but rather my poor breeding and my optometrist. I'm blind as a bat, (Answering a lot of questions about many of my photos for most of you regular Gentle Viewers) and have some difficulty seeing to focus this. The Super Wide Angle makes some things so small I really had to strain to see it. Your experience may vary but I felt it important enough to mention. You can also see the edge of this lens sooner than I had expected when bending it but it didn't take away from most of the test shots.

My conclusion: Buy this. Buy it as your first accessory. The rest you can buy to show off but for the biggest bang for your buck, this 80 dollar lens will open up whole new vistas for you.

Lensbaby 50mm image without wide angle lens adapter.

Lensbaby 21mm image with 0.042x Wide Angle Lens

(This Lensbaby SpokesModel was not paid in any way for his endorsement. - Not even in SWAG!) ;)

Upon further review focusing the Lensbaby with the Super Wide Angle is eaiser to focus with an aperture ring in, even if it'sjust the 2.8. I apparently had taken it out to be all Lensbaby Hardcore. Just put one in like a normal person and it's totally cool.


  1. Innuendo...

    More innuendo...

    "smaller sensor"

    Lensbaby fetish...

    ...lens compensating for?...

    What was that about blindness?

    More innuendo...

    TMI! But it explains a lot! :-)

  2. How about color fringe?